Photography, Filming and Social Media Broadcast Policy

This Club has adopted the following policy regarding Photography, Filming and Social Media
broadcasting relating to young persons (under 18) in all aspects of Club activities.
 The Club is keen to promote positive images of young people playing cricket and
does not wish to prevent the use of photographic or videoing equipment.
 Parents and carers must always be offered the opportunity to withhold consent for
photographing/videoing of their child. Wherever consent is withheld the Club
membership secretary must make this information known to all relevant persons.
 The Club acknowledges that photographs are considered as ‘personal data’ in terms
of Data Protection and should only be used with appropriate consent and in
accordance with GDPR principles.
 Club members have a responsibility to report the photographing or videoing of
inappropriate images, and to advise a club official of any unknown person using
photographic equipment at any club event.
 In any proposed website, social media or newspaper article concerning a young
person, the permission of the parents/carers and also the child must be sought
before publishing the article. In all cases the child’s name and photograph must not
appear together.
 The Club acknowledges that the use of video equipment is a valuable and legitimate
coaching aid. It undertakes to obtain written consent for the use of photographic
and video analysis. It also undertakes to delete or destroy video material when
requested to do so by a parent or when the material is no longer needed.
 Copies of this document must be clearly displayed on the Club notice board.


This Club has adopted the following policy regarding the use of Social Media, Text, and

Messaging regarding young persons (under 18)

 The Club has adopted the ECB guidelines on the use of social media, text, apps, e-
mail and messaging with a copy of this document placed on the Club’s website. Two
key points from this document are confirmed below
All contact with young people should be made through their parents/carers
No content should be placed on any form of communication, which could not also be
placed on the Club notice board in the sports pavilion, without causing offence or

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