The following Plan provides a framework for managing and developing our Club over the next five years, and for measuring that development on an annual basis. As a development plan it forms a key part of the Clubmark Accreditation. It is the responsibility of the Management Committee to amend this document as it sees fit and adopt it on an annual basis at the first Committee meeting after the AGM.


  • A Brief Club History


  • Current Status


Youth Section

Playing Standard







  • Future Development


Youth Section

Women’s Section

Playing Standard 






Local Community Links


A Brief Club History


Originally formed as Halberton Cricket Club, but playing at the current Whitnage Road ground in Sampford Peverell, the Club played its first match in 1965. 


In 1985 the Club joined the fledgling East Devon League and although remaining true to its village cricket roots, competed at the highest level of this League for several seasons. Sundays continued to be what they always were, friendly games against friendly opposition. 

In 2001 the East Devon League was incorporated into the Devon Cricket League which had a clear ambition to absorb every Club aspiring to play a respectable standard of Cricket, initially on an East /West split, then inevitably on a County wide basis. It is a credit to the Club that it has prospered in this environment. In 2011 a 2nd XI was entered in the Devon League. 


By the year 2007 it was becoming increasingly difficult to provide a full Sunday fixture list based on friendly matches alone, and the difficult decision was made to enter the North Devon League. After promotion in most years the 2013 season was spent in the top division of the NDL. Unfortunately competing at this level involved the recruitment of players having no allegiance to the Club, a situation that was clearly not sustainable and the decision was made to revert to a more social form of the game on Sundays in 2014. Unfortunately, there appeared to be little appetite for this form of cricket and many organised games were cancelled.


At the end of the 2017 a merger was agreed with the neighbouring Club of Tiverton which has significantly strengthened the membership and management structure.


Somewhere around the early 1990’s the Club combined resources with the neighbouring Culmstock Club to form a Youth Cricket section, which from modest beginnings became the envy of many County Premiership Clubs. The driving force behind this has been John Gush whose contribution has rightly been acknowledged by the England and Wales Cricket Board. Our own Club has benefited greatly from this development. In the autumn of 2010 we established our own Youth section. For the 2018 season the youth section entered three teams at age groups from under 10 to under 14 in the East Devon Youth League. There are over 40 youth section members, and we are represented at regional and county level. Two members of last years under 14s have been selected for the 2019 Devon under 15s tour of South Africa. 

In 2009 the Club achieved the Clubmark accreditation awarded by the England and Wales Cricket Board. This was successfully re-assessed in 2012 and again in 2015. Clubmark is a National Standard for Cricket Clubs and other sporting organisations, which confirms that they have met a rigorous set of criteria. There are four sections of the Clubmark programme all of which require evidence of detailed documentation and the passing of site inspections.

These four sections are:-

  • The provision of a safe and enjoyable environment for young people.

  • The provision of a structured programme of coaching and competitive cricket for young people.

  • A policy of “equity” whereby the Club has no barriers to membership in terms of financial status, race, gender, ability, etc.

  • A properly structured Club management.


Re-accreditation of Clubmark at an even more demanding standard must be undertaken in 2019.


Current Status


Membership – Senior Cricket 


For the 2014 season a member’s subscription of £30.00 for senior members and £10.00 for members aged 18 and under was introduced, due for payment after playing a maximum of two games.  In view of the difficulties in collecting fees from senior members, it was decided that for the 2015 season subscriptions will be dropped and replaced with a revised tariff of match fees, this policy will continue for the 2019 season.




The 2018 Fixture list contained a total of 60 matches, which can be categorised as follows:-

Devon League  36

Saturday, Sunday & Midweek Friendly Fixtures 4

Evening Fixtures 11



Playing Standard - 2018


The 1st XI played its Devon League Cricket in the “E” Division East. The 2nd XI played in the “G” Division East.


Operating Costs/Profitability

In October 2018 the Senior Club’s finances stood at a total of £ 10,442.00, with the Junior section standing at £2,705.00




The Sports Ground at Sampford Peverell is managed by the Village Hall and Recreation Grounds committee on behalf of the Parish Council, the field being left to them as a bequest by a village resident in 1952. A document confirming Right of Tenure to the Cricket Club is held by a Club Member. The Club should meet annually with representatives of the Village Hall and Recreation Grounds committee to agree the coming years rent, and to discuss issues regarding maintenance and improvements to facilities at the Ground. The facilities are shared with the Village Senior Football Club and Culm Sampford Youth Football Club. Excellent cooperation with the junior football club ensure that issues regarding equipment and facilities can be discussed at any time.

In the early 1980’s the Club assisted in the erection of a World War 2 Army barrack building as a new Sports Pavilion, replacing the very primitive facilities that existed hitherto.

Construction of a new building was completed in 2014 mainly thanks to the efforts of volunteers from both senior and junior sections of the Club and also, it should be acknowledged, from members and parents of the junior football club based in the village.

In recent years the Club has undertaken projects, which include the building of permanent and mobile practice net facilities, safety netting along the Whitnage Road boundary, and improvements to seating at the ground.

During 2015 and 2016 the Junior Football Club sourced funding and completed the building of a multi use games area (MUGA) further enhancing the facilities at the Sports Field. Income from the MUGA has already been used to improve the quality of the outfield and further work will continue. Furthermore this income is also being used to pay all electricity costs.


Groundcare equipment 


At the present time the Club wholly owns the following equipment

A set of tractor mounted Gangmowers purchased second hand in 2009

A Bomag 120 Tandem Roller purchased second hand in 2003.

An Atco Royale B24 Mower purchased nearly new in 1994 (Not currently in working order)

A Ransomes Marquis 51 Mower purchased second hand in 2008.

A  rotary mower used for winter and early season work on the square and for boundary and net area maintenance, purchased second hand in 2009

A second rotary mower donated by a local resident

A manually operated scarifying rake

A manually operated turf spiker, self made.

A transfer wheel type boundary marker purchased in 2012

A lightweight wicket cover and Bowdry waterhog purchased in 2016 with a £1000 grant support from the ECB.

Various hoses and hand tools.

The Club also has access to a ride-on rotary mower, a second Ransome Marquis 51 Mower and a fertilizer spreader, owned by a club member. During the past autumn and winter the square has been verti-drained by a professional contractor working on behalf of the junior Football Club.

Having our own scarifying machine for end of season renovations would be a benefit.

More importantly the mowing of the outfield is only possible due to the availability of a tractor provided by Life member of the Club, Mike Turner. In time it is likely that we will need to purchase a suitable tractor ourselves which will have a serious effect on our cash reserves.

At the present time this list does not include any machinery from the former Tiverton Club, although a second pitch roller and a wide bladed cylinder roller is stored off-site and available if required. The roller does however require a major refurbishment estimated at a cost in excess of £5000.




At the present time the club has one active coach trained to ECB level 2 and four members/youth section parents who have successfully completed the ECB Coach Support Workers course. Further trained coaches from the club membership are required. For the 2019 season  the Club has engaged the services of an external coach, at an estimated cost of £1500, to deliver a coaching programme to both junior and senior sections. A good range of coaching equipment including two bowling machines for the senior section and two tennis ball servers for the junior section


Websites and social media


The club has excellent website access through Facebook and Twitter – A new Club website was set up in 2018. A second can be accessed through the Play Cricket website and it is through this site that results and statistics must be entered for the 2019 season


Future Development 


In 2018 both 1st and 2nd XI sides achieved promotion to the next tier within the Devon League.



Membership and Fixtures


 A revised regionalised structure of Devon League Cricket in 2015 reduced travelling commitments, and the league structure was further modified to an “all through” combining both 1st and 2nd XI teams for the 2018 season.  The Club membership is now debating what additional fixtures should be played to extend the fixture list and under what format these matches should be played.


Youth Section


For 2019 teams will be entered at U9, U11, under 13 age groups. The relatively small number of under 15s available have been offered youth cricket in cooperation with Bradninch and also a promise of senior cricket for the clubs midweek and weekend cricket.

The Club recognises that a key element in developing this youth section is through contact with the primary schools within the catchment area i.e. those of Sampford Peverell, Uplowman, Halberton and Holcombe Rogus.  Presentations are being made at assemblies of schools within the catchment area with the target of increasing junior section membership by 20% for the 2019 season.


Ladies Team


Interest in forming a Ladies section has been limited since the idea was first suggested in 2009. The ECB are actively encouraging the promotion of Ladies cricket and the Club will support any interest shown. Three successful sessions of the ECB Wine and Wickets ladies softball cricket were run in 2018 and the sessions will be offered again in 2019




Whilst the club’s facilities are reasonable for the community it serves, the club has higher ambitions and the following facility enhancements have been identified:-


  • A water supply adjacent to the Cricket square (as a replacement to the current method of connecting a hose to the low pressure supply mounted on the side of the Pavilion).

  • Refurbishment and eventual replacement of the existing astro-turf practice net

  • Ball stopping netting (around the ground)

  • A additional secured storage facility (which will be shared with the junior football club)

  • Electronic scoring and scoreboard facilities.

  • BBQ and enhanced hospitality facilities.


Appendix 1 drafted 13.08.2019 provides an update to this section with the addition of target timescales



Groundcare equipment


A second Ransomes  cylinder mower  was purchased in 2017 with the Club now paying an annual  fee as a contribution to its cost. It is anticipated that this will cover Club requirements for a minimum of the next five years



The set of Gangmowers was replaced in 2009 and should serve for a minimum of a further five years.

However these are tractor drawn and should Mike Turner no longer be unable to provide his surfaces, a ride-on set of gang mowers will be an urgent and necessary purchase, with a minimum estimated cost of £8000 as a second hand purchase and £15,000 if purchased new 


The Bomag roller was fully serviced in 2016. It is expected that this machine should give several more years of service.


A new boundary marker was purchased at the beginning of the 2012 season, which should be serviceable for many years.


The rotary mower used for cutting boundary and practice net areas was replaced at the end of the 2009. This machine is now proving unreliable and will need further repair or replacement. 


A new waterproof pitch cover was purchased at the start of the 2016 season.



Community Links


In addition to developing links with the Schools within its normal catchment area, the Club will continue to develop its links with the local community. These links are currently at their most active in the village of Sampford Peverell, and certainly much weaker in the surrounding area. The intention therefore is to increase awareness of the Club in the neighbouring villages and towns.


Appendix 1 - Project planning and performance measurement



  • A additional secured storage facility (which will be shared with the junior football club): Completed, April 2019

  • BBQ and enhanced hospitality facilities: Available for summer 2019

  • Roll-on pitch covers: Purchased 2019 and in use.

  • Electronic scoring and scoreboard facilities. - E-scoring used summer 2019, E-scoreboard achievable within: 3 years

  • Refurbishment and eventual replacement of the existing astro-turf practice net - Achievable within: 3 years

  • A water supply adjacent to the Cricket square (as a replacement to the current method of connecting a hose to the low pressure supply mounted on the side of the Pavilion), or the alternative of a pump supply of rainwater harvested from the pavilion roof - Achievable within: 3 years

  • Ball stop netting (around the ground) - Achievable within: 4 years

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