This Club has adopted the following policy regarding the use of the Changing Rooms by
youth (under 18) cricketers when playing open age Cricket.
 The Club’s home venue Pavilion has separate changing facilities for youth players
taking part in open age Cricket. It also has a First Aid room equipped with washing
facilities which must be used by female players taking part in any mixed gender
cricket. It is the responsibility of the home and away captains to make their youth
players aware of these facilities and encourage their use.
 No mobile phones or cameras are to be used in the changing rooms.
 Where male youth players wish to use the main changing room throughout a match
the senior members must respect this wish and use their discretion when changing
and showering.
 No senior player must use a changing room containing one or more youth players
unless in the company of at least one other senior player. This situation is most likely
to arise during “padding-up” during the batting innings and can be resolved by
simply requesting another senior player to be present at the time.
 When playing matches away from home where no separate changing facilities exist,
the team Captain must offer youth players access to the changing room at a separate
time to senior players. Under the same circumstance it may be necessary for female
youth players to make use of the Ladies toilet facilities if no other room is suitable.
 Parents and carers of youth players must be given a copy of this policy document,
and must acknowledge receipt of it.
 Copies of this document must be clearly displayed on the Club notice board and in
both home and away changing rooms.

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